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Pono Life


Forest garage kinobi

​Kino is a Hawaiian word for "body / self." Nobi is "stretching and stretching".

​Together with "kinobi"

Forest garage kinobi is a place to rest, input and output and maintain yourself, like a car garage.

We help you develop life skills that connect you through experience, learning, dreams and travel, and live a healthy, happy and prosperous life. We will prepare programs according to your needs such as yoga lessons, training courses, retreats, etc., and provide you with an experience that you can relax honestly.

A place where you can get away from your daily life, look at your body and mind, refresh yourself, and face yourself now, regardless of the past or future.

Find your true self in Forest garage kinobi and live a richer life!




Kino ... body, individual

Body maintenance

​​ Activity

Let's move your body happily with yoga, dance, workout, etc. that everyone from children to seniors can enjoy. We are also developing natural fitness that is not limited to indoors but is performed in real nature. In addition, we will help you to prepare your body by refreshing your body and mind with Maruma therapy and ear pot jewelry. We also offer business trips and personal lessons. Since it is a small group system, we will respond to each person's needs, so even beginners can participate with confidence.


Mauri ... soul, spirit

Mind maintenance

Workshop & Training Course

​As a training course for kids yoga programs born in the field of education in the United States and as a dream map facilitator, we will hold workshops to realize and realize dreams. Don't know what you want to do or support people who don't feel rich mentally? is it OK as it is? We also organize life to organize the thoughts and desires of those who are lost.


Arne Nue ... Rainbow



A program that connects the mind and body, people and nature, Hawaii and Japan, and cities and regions. We propose a journey to acquire life skills to lead a rich life through the experience of facing the body and mind in nature in a digital society. We will also be a coordinator and guide to create your own original program.


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