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​Yoko Koike

Yoko Koike

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Forest garage Kinobi presided over

Yoga Ed. Japan Trainer

Director of Dream Map Promotion Association

EBTA Certified Year Beauty Therapist

The Hawaiian word "Pono" describes the state in which health, nature, spirit, relationships, etc. are in harmony and everything should be.

Having experienced the local life of Hawaii, I was helped by the laid-back spirit of the Hawaiian people and gave me hints on how to live happily.

The eastern part of Tottori prefecture, where I immigrate and live, is close to nature such as the sea and mountains, and a calm time similar to Hawaii is flowing.

Moving your body in nature. Look at yourself and draw a dream. To balance the mind and body through the journey and to gain (experience) awareness of oneself.

Through "Forest Garage Kinobi", we help you to send a rich and personal "Pono Life".


Born in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture in 1982

1991-1997 Takarazuka Kodomo Attendance at Takarazuka Music School

2000 Graduated from Hyogo Prefectural Takarazuka Kita High School Theater Department

Graduated from Seiwa Junior College, Department of English in 2002 (current name: Kwansei Gakuin Seiwa Junior College)

2004-2013 Worked at Tokyu Sports Oasis Co., Ltd.

2011 Director, Dream Map Promotion Association

    Meet yoga by getting an A-Yoga certified yoga instructor.

Started activities as a freelance instructor in 2014. HawaiiAnd the days of dance and yoga in LA.

Experienced a forest life on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2015, changing your life.

In 2016, he moved to Chizu-cho as a cooperative team to revitalize the Chizu-cho area.

2020 Forest Garage Kinobi OPEN

​Articles posted

・ National Yoga Alliance Certified RYT200.

・ National Yoga Alliance Certified RCYT


・ Yoga.ed Japan Trainer (Kids Yoga)

・ Certified Dream Map Facilitator

・ EBTA certified year beauty therapist

・ Ayurveta therapy Maruma therapy

・ Comprehensive itinerary management

・ Japan Life Organizer Level 1 Instructor

・ TC color therapist

・ JAFA certified aquabics instructor

・ Mind map basic course is over

・ Thai traditional head, facial massage

(S-alliance Kobe Yoga & Massage School Sakura Miwa Certified)

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