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Digital Detox Retreat

​Digital detox retreat

Here is the place to meet the real you! !!

​Digital detox  What is a retreat?

"Digital detox" is an initiative that reduces stress by keeping a distance from digital devices (smartphones, PCs, etc.) for a certain period of time, and focuses on communication in the real world and connections with nature.

"Retreat" is the time to face yourself away from everyday life. "Retreat"  " Re" = again "treat" = prepare  It can be said that it is "time to prepare again".

A journey to connect with nature, yourself, friends and local people, and regain the source (essence) within you and your natural connection while experiencing extraordinary life in the "Forest Garage Kinobi". By discharging the poisons that have accumulated in your body through this journey, you may be able to see a different world.

​Recommended for people like this!

  • People who want to look back at themselves away from everyday life

  • A person who essentially wants to face himself

  • Those who want to spend a relaxing time slowly

  • People who want to refresh their feelings

  • People with tired eyes and head (brain)

  • People who want to improve their sleep quality

  • People who want to increase their imagination (creativity)

  • People who want to relieve stress

  • People who want to feel happy

  • Those who want to activate the five senses

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