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​Kino program

WORK OUT YOGA  (Workout yoga) ➡︎ The word workout means not only training, but also solving, getting good results, and succeeding. A workout class that is breaking in the United States, where aerobic exercise and muscle training are mixed in music.

SENIOR  YOGA (Senior Yoga) ➡︎ A class that does not put a burden on the body by using chair yoga and auxiliary tools.

MATERNITY  YOGA ( Maternity Yoga)  ➡︎ A class that supports the mind and body of pregnant women.

KID'S YOGA ➡︎ Yoga for children according to their development. The Yogaed. Program was born in an American educational setting.

FAMILY YOGA (family yoga)  ➡︎ The purpose is not to pose, but to learn the fun of moving while playing. A class where parents and children sweat while taking skinships.

Class for RESTRUCTIVE YOGA (Restorative yoga) ➡︎ deeply and relax the mind and body using the auxiliary tool, go to recover and reproduce health.

HAWAIIAN LEA YOGA (Hawaiian Reayoga)➡︎ In Hawaiian, rare means fun, joy, and happiness. A class where you can feel mana while listening to Hawaiian music and lead your mind and body to a happy time through yoga.


Class to move the fun body using the SHAPE UP FULA (Shape up Hula) ➡︎ hula step. It is not the purpose of dancing hula well, but a class where you can move your body happily and sweat.

FITNESS  DANCE (Fitness Dance) ➡︎ A class where you can enjoy moving your body to the music, sweating and detoxifying while tightening your body.

KIDS DANCE class to express themselves by moving the fun body in accordance with the (Kids dance) ➡︎ music. The purpose is to be able to get the rhythm.


MARMA THERAPY ➡︎ One of the treatments that is handed down in Ayurveda. A technology that is effective for various symptoms by touching "Maruma Point", which normalizes the energy and blood flow of the entire body, with the palm of your hand.

​​ EAR BEAUTY THERAPY ➡︎ It stimulates the acupoints while beautifully decorating the ears, and awakens the "power to beautify" from the inside of the body, from lift-up to improvement of constitution.

AROMA TOUCH ➡︎ Unlike massage that loosens muscles, treating the whole body with 100% pure essential oil leads to improvement of stress damage, inflammatory reaction, autonomic imbalance, etc. It has a relaxing effect.

YOGA (yoga)

THERAPY (therapy)

DANCE (dance)

Group lessons and personal lessons will be exchanged by email after booking.First of all, please enter the desired date, time, etc. from the following.

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